Mevex AB is an independent knowledge based consultancy company that delivers services in the field of naval- and system engineering and operational services. Our primary customer today is FMV, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration. The purpose of Mevex is to combine high-level engineering skills with operational and practical skills, all within the same company. We see that successful engineering is a result of the combination of theoretical and practical skills and experience. We also see that operations are more likely to be successful when the practical knowledge is combined with engineering skills like analysis, project management, system safety, report writing etc. Mevex as a company is young but inherits comprehensive experience from different areas such as analysis, design, logistics, ship mastering as well as practical experience from various underwater operations with ROV:s, sonars.

Erik Dahlbergsallen 15, SE-11520 Stockholm

Tel:+46 70 556 50 81

Fax: +46 70 217 01 69

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